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    Life and Health

    The first filmed surveillance that was shown in a California courtroom occurred in 1934 at the Oakland-Alameda County Courthouse. Since that time, it has become the accepted way of documenting "a day in the life" of a claimant.

    Our investigators are provided with "state-of-the-art" video equipment in order to produce the highest quality documentation available.

    Universal Insurance Services investigators have conducted numerous surveillance assignments and have spent thousands of hours both compiling and giving expert testimony in courthouses nationwide.

    Many of our investigators have law enforcement backgrounds, andall have extensive experience in surveillance techniques and related technology. What makes our investigators different from those at other firms is the fact that they receive ongoing training, both internally and externally. Furthermore, we feel that quality control is an essential part of our organization. Every surveillance assignment is screened by upper management, and the actual surveillance is monitored by a supervisor.

    To facilitate the maximum results from each surveillance investigation, Universal Insurance Services employs a field support staff that can provide immediate and on-the-spot information to any of our investigators upon request. This ensures greater efficiency and results in more successful surveillances.

    Obviously, we cannot guarantee success on every case assigned to us, though we feel that we have a higher success ratio than any of our competitors, which is largely due to our pre-surveillance techniques and experienced field staff. Again, we do promise to provide you with well-trained and supervised professionals armed with the best equipment available.

    Universal Insurance Services is headquartered in Mission Hills, California and has offices throughout California. Universal executives have been involved in the insurance claim industry since 1977. Our staff has a wide variety of backgrounds and experience in, law enforcement, fraud investigation and the general field of insurance investigations. Universal Insurance Services is on the panel of many premiere insurance carriers, and we are a vendor for third-party administrators, self-insured and administered employers, state and local municipalities, and many high-profile defense law firms.



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