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    Workers Comp

    With many Workers Compensation and Liability claims, the possibility of subrogation recovery is overlooked and, consequently, not investigated. Because of this, quite literally hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost every year.

    It is important to determine whether or not the cause of the accident could have been the fault of another’s failure to eliminate the hazard which caused/lead to the accident or the activity that negligently resulted in an injury to another person.

    We can provide experienced investigators who are trained to identify the adverse parties or entities that can be held responsible. Our investigators will provide the proof (i.e., in the form of statements, photographs, and hard documentation), that can be utilized to pursue subrogation.

    Universal Insurance Services will, if requested, subrogate on your behalf Once liability is established, we will identify sources of recovery via the adverse party’s insurer. If the adverse has no insurance or if the insurer’s limits of liability are inadequate, we will research the adverse party’s financial condition/history. By doing this we can determine whether or not subrogation is economically feasible. We will base the amount of our time expended upon the amount of potential recovery. Initially, we will attempt to locate any insurance available to the adverse party. Once we determine the appropriate insurer, we will present your case, liability-wise, and will also provide a documented demand to the adverse party’s carrier.

    If insurance is not present, we will determine whether or not the adverse party is financially able. We have access to data banks that may allow us to identify the adverse party’s financial condition/history Of course, we realize that your need may only include one single aspect of the process (e.g., develop identity, location, employer, income, assets, general financial status, or insurance carrier). Advise, and we will follow accordingly.



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