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    Universal Insurance Services is a full service investigative company that utilizes investigators to serve difficult subpoenas.  Unlike a process server, we handle the case as an investigation and go beyond the basics to determine if the subject resides at the address provided or where he currently resides.  We run database searches, interview neighbors, postal carriers and others to achieve the task at hand.  Universal has been able to complete the tasks assigned to them where others have failed.  If your needs require a due diligence search, we can accommodate these needs.  For many years Universal has been a leading force to enable our clients to proceed with their actions.

    Records Retrival

    Universal Insurance Services provides a professional photocopy service to assist our clients in obtaining records in a fast and timely manner.  We are able to request and obtain records through a number of different formats, whether it requires the preparation and service of a Subpoena Duces Tecum, a signed authorization, WCAB request, request for court records, or simply a request to copy records of the employer.  We are able to obtain the documents utilizing the most modern techniques, such as scanners, which enables us to number the pages, put the documents in chapters or place them in any order that meets your needs.  We can give the records to you on paper or provide them on a CD to conserve space and reduce costs.  Our goal is not to just go through the process to request records, but to actually obtain the records in order for you to be able to make an informed decision.


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