Property and Casuality:
Investigators and Adjusters

Universal InsuraRoofnce Services has an extremely experienced staff of casualty/property investigators and adjusters located throughout California and Nevada. Our average experience level exceeds 20 years per individual. Our staff  has a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences in such areas as law enforcement, fraud investigations, and in the general field of insurance investigations.

We are well versed in all lines. We can handle simple automobile assignments to complex, litigated product liability claims. Universal Insurance Services can handle all types of property losses, commercial or residential. We can adapt to any claim posture you may require. We can either handle piece-meal work where you may merely wish us to secure a statement or handle full assignments where we do both the investigation and adjusting. We can either assist defense counsel or direct defense, depending on your needs. Our people have been trained in all types of fraud investigations. In fact, we act as the SpeFirecial Investigations Unit for many companies.

 Our service standards are simple; that is, we send out acknowledgments and make all contacts within 24 hours of assignments. Concrete activity occurs within 72 hours, and our formal reports are sent out within 21 days or sooner if you so desire

Universal Insurance Services is headquartered in Mission Hills, California and has offices throughout California. Universal executives have been involved in the insurance claim industry since 1977. Our staff has a wide variety of backgrounds and experience in, law enforcement, fraud investigation and the general field of insurance investigations. Universal Insurance Services is on the panel of many premiere insurance carriers, and we are a vendor for third-party administrators, self-insured and administered employers, state and local municipalities, and many high-profile defense law firms.  


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