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    Attorney Services:
      Photocopy Services  

    The following rates include file setup, telephone calls, document preparation, administrative fees, fax charges, correspondence, status letters, field trips, and local delivery. Additional fees and/or cost incurred are billed at actual cost.

    We are able to secure all types of document formats (i.e. ,x-rays, photographs, etc.), and as is evident from our rates noted below, we can procure the documents on a "rush" basis.

    As we are not just a photocopy service but a full service investigative company, we can locate individuals, businesses, or any other entity. We have access to many data banks to conduct our locates at a nominal fee.

    Photocopy fee - $45.00 Page Rates - .25 per page

    Rush Charges (five days or less after statutory wait time) - $25.00

    Emergency Rush (same day service) $50.00


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