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    When Our investigators are experienced in every facet of the handling of Continuance of Disability claims. We will interview the claimant, secure his signed statement along with a medical authorization. If you wish, we can contact sources within the subject’s neighborhood in order to establish the claimant’s activities. We can do this via the telephone or do a physical neighborhood canvas. Also, we can contact the claimant’s employer and determine the subject’s dates of disability and often we can find out whether or not any prior claims have been reported.

    If it is a contestable claim, we can check court records, past and current employers, and through current and past medical carriers for any previous claims filed by the claimant.

    If there is a police report or any other type of report (i.e., OSHA Report, Fire Report, etc.) available, we can secure same for you. We can follow up with witnesses to the cause of the disability and interview them or secure their statements


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