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    Life and Health
      Death Claims  

    Universal Insurance Service has extensive experience in the handling of death claims. We can secure statements from beneficiaries, wit nesses, etc. With our knowledge and our access to various data banks we can locate and secure all types of documents (i.e., coroners’ reports, police reports, court records, marriage licenses, etc.). Also, remember that when medical records are being secured, they are being secured by an investigator, not some “gopher” who is unable to realize what peripheral information is available to him/her while securing/copying the records.

    What makes our investigators different from those at other firms is the fact that they receive ongoing training, both internally and externally. Also, we feel that quality control is an essential part of our organization. Every assignment is screened by upper management and the actual case handling is monitored by a supervisor.

    Again, we do promise to provide you with well trained and supervised professionals armed with the best technology and knowledge available.


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