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      Data Investigation  

    ComputerMan_1_image.jpgThe world of data research can be limited without the proper access or resources. In a vast universe of information, understanding what’s available and where to look is critical to a comprehensive investigation. Using databases with the most current date, our experienced investigators will research and provide the information you need in a timely and accurate fashion.

     We are information specialists.  We can obtain information on people’s whereabouts, financial status and prior claims when other firms can only reach dead ends. Obviously, this will help locating people, determining the feasibility to subrogate, and identifying prior injuries/accidents et al.

    As licensed private investigators we know what information is possible to develop and how to provide an accurate, detailed background check no matter where your subject resides. Our sophisticated privacy-protecting technology offers fast and accurate people search, email search, phone lookups, background reports, and more, pulling from a vast billion-record-plus database. We will provide you with a detailed report that will profile the subject’s lifestyle.

    We know which background checks are available and how to obtain them cost effectively. The following list represents some of our most frequently requested searches.

    • Criminal Search
    • Civil Searches
    • DMV Records
    • Employee Background Checks
    • EDEX
    • Motor Vehicle Report
    • Workers’ Compensation Search

    • Social Media Searches
    • Asset Search
    • Corporation Search
    • Due Diligence
    • SSN Trace
    •  Internet Research
    •  Bodily Injury Index

    Universal Insurance Services is headquartered in Mission Hills, California and has offices throughout California. Universal executives have been involved in the insurance claim industry since 1977. Our staff has a wide variety of backgrounds and experience in, law enforcement, fraud investigation and the general field of insurance investigations. Universal Insurance Services is on the panel of many premiere insurance carriers, and we are a vendor for third-party administrators, self-insured and administered employers, state and local municipalities, and many high-profile defense law firms.



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