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      Background Investigation  

    Through our years of experience and vast database network of information, Universal Insurance Services can provide our clients with a wealth of knowledge at very competitive prices. We can furnish civil, criminal, and federal court indexes (either as plaintiff or as defendant) whereby you can get an insight into a company's or individual's business practices.

    We can also provide pertinent information regarding a subject's financial and personal background history. Said data includes, but is not limited to:

    • Federal Criminal Court Searches – Available Nationwide
    • Federal Civil Court Searches – Available Nationwide
    • State Civil Court Record Searches by County – Available Nationwide
    • State Criminal Court Record Searches by County – Available Nationwide
    • Probate Court Record Searches by County – Available Nationwide
    • Sex Offender Searches – Available Nationwide
    • Corporate Searches – Available Nationwide
    • Business License Searches
    • UCC Filings – Available Nationwide
    • Real Estate Property Searches – Available Nationwide
    • Bankruptcy Searches – Available Nationwide
    • Liens, Judgments and Notice of Defaults – Available Nationwide
    • Social Security Number Verification Searches
    • National Death Index – Available Nationwide
    • Address History
    • Alias and Maiden Names
    • DMV Records (Drivers License and Vehicle ownership) – Available in Selected States
    • Phone Number Trace and Searches
    • Prior Insurance Claims
    • Prior Workers’ Compensation Claim History – Available in Selected States
    • Professional License Verification searches
    • Police Reports

    Universal Insurance Services has been successful in locating witnesses, defendants, and other missing persons, where other companies have come up dry. In addition to having the physical resources, we have an experienced staff who knows what to do with the data. Frequently, they can correlate the data, add a bit of "street sense", and locate the subject in a very short time period. Experience makes the difference.


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