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    Attorney Services:
      Asset Check  

    An Asset Search is an important tool to use to get to know the person or entity before entering into a Lawsuit, Business Venture or perusing a Collection on a Judgment.  We can search records depending on your individual needs.  Some of the records that we obtain are listed below; however, there are many other records available that may not be shown.   

    We run a SSN Trace and SSN Verification search – Nationwide for known aliases, date of birth, current  address and address history for up to 15 years and phone numbers.

    We can run real estate property ownership to include the legal description of the property, assessed value, sales history, deed transfer, and loan amount information.

    Motor Vehicle registration, Aircraft Ownership and Boat registrations.

    National Criminal Record Search to include Criminal Convictions for Felony & Misdemeanor Convictions.

    Bankruptcies, Judgments, Liens and Notice of Defaults – Nationwide
    To include Federal Tax Liens, State Tax Liens and Foreclosures.

    Corporate & UCC Searches - Nationwide

    Identify Relatives, Associates & Neighbors

    Professional License Search which includes date issued expiration date and any complaints filed or any current actions pending.

    Please call to discuss your particular needs.


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