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    Workers Compensation

    An AOE/COE (Arising Out of Employment / Course of Employment) inAOECOEvestigation is a workers’ compensation investigation which we conduct in order to determine the facts surrounding an alleged injury to a worker on the job. The primary purpose of the investigation is to establish whether or not the employee’s alleged injury was work-related. Additionally, we will confirm that the accident/injury occurred while the employee was in the course and scope of his/her employment, or whether the injury was nonindustrial related. We will check into any subrogation potential; that is we will determine if the injury/accident involved third parties (i.e., people, property, or product). In the early stages of a workers’ compensation claim, a thorough AOE/COE investigation is crucial in order to determine and document injury-related accident facts before evidence gets lost or memories deteriorate. It is important to document the claimant’s alleged reported injury, along with statements by any witnesses, prior to possible coaching by third-party workers’ compensation attorneys.

    Universal Insurance Services investigations/services include:

    • Obtain a statement and photograph of/from the injured worker as well as all medical authorizations.

    • Obtain medical records and personnel files.

    • Photograph, diagram, and document/inspect accident locus and related property (i.e., machines, etc.).

    • Secure statements from coworkers/witnesses.

    • Determine any potential subrogation issues and locate the adverse parties.

    • Complete data and social media investigations.

    • Surveillances, obtaining court admissible digital video documentation.

    • Provide prompt, clear and concise reports.

    • Testifying/providing evidence/video for hearing/trials at the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board.

    Universal Insurance Services is headquartered in Mission Hills, California and has offices throughout California. Universal Executives have been involved in the insurance claim's industry since 1977. Their staff has a wide variety of backgrounds and experience in; law enforcement, fraud investigation and the general field of insurance investigations. Universal Insurance Services is on the panel of many premiere insurance carriers, and they are a vendor for; third-party administrators, self-insured and administered employers; State and local municipalities and many high profile defense law firms.


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