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    Life and Health
      Activity Check  

    When properly conducted an activity check can be a very useful tool in determining the extent of the subject's /claimant's movements. Universal Insurance Services attempts to pinpoint the actual pattern of daily movements/activities of the claimant by identifying pertinent information as it relates to possible involvement in sports activities and other physical limitations and restrictions as specified in the subject's claim.

    The activity check information is compiled by, but not limited to, conducting a series of interviews with neighbors, business associates, industry competitors, professional organizations, and other individuals who might be of assistance in confirming and/or verifying any movements or activities of the subject or claimant. In the past, information has been developed through this process whereby we were able to determine the most opportune time to conduct a surveillance.

    Pre-Surveillance Activity Check

    Can be conducted in the same manner as described above, but with additional emphasis on the "lay of the land". By having firsthand knowledge of the physical layout of the claimant's domicile, etc., we can determine the feasibility for surveillance (i.e., number of people or equipment needed, cost effectiveness, etc.). Normally, in conjunction with the on-site interviews and inspections, we would run driving record checks, including all vehicles owned, to determine the type of vehicle the subject in question drive


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