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      Discovering Workers Compensation Fraud

    When our clients are presented with a workers compensation claim, they are required to conduct a professional claim evaluation to determine the facts and the merit of the claim. To that end, they enlist the assistance of Universal Insurance Services to provide them with the necessary information in order for them to be able to make an informed decision.

    Acheiving Maximum Results From Every Investigation

    Universal Insurance Services takes great pride in providing our clients with timely, thorough investigations by employing top quality, experienced investigators, and by providing them with on-going training and state-of-the-art equipment.

    Our investigators are specifically trained to conduct objective investigations and to communicate the results of their investigation in complete and detailed reports.

    Our field investigators are supported by an experienced management team. Our managers and investigation supervisors are always available to answer our client’s questions, and we take pride in keeping them up to date regarding the progress of any investigation that they assign us.

    Our Investigators keep up with Federal, State, and local legislation, such as privacy laws and other legal issues affecting their work. The legality of certain methods may be unclear, but our investigators are trained to make judgment calls when deciding how to pursue a case. Our investigators know how to collect evidence properly so that they do not compromise its admissibility in court.

    Insurance cheats caught on video tape.

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