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    Attorney Services:

    Universal Insurance Services prides itself on the work we conduct for attorneys. Regardless of your firm’s size or specialties, we work closely with your attorneys and paralegals to provide the assistance you require.

    Universal Insurance Services does the research and due diligence for you. We conduct interviews, locate witnesses, take sworn statements, conduct surveillances, and photograph accident scenes, just to name a few services. Below, please find a description of a few of the services that might be useful to your firm.

    SURVEILLANCE: Our Investigators are proficient with different still and video surveillance equipment. We access the client needs and conduct surveillance using proven methods that maximize results and are cost efficient.

    STATEMENTS: We have the ability to document statements through written, audio and/or video recording for all legal proceedings. Signed statements are frequently taken on location to ensure accuracy. .

    LIABILITY INVESTIGATIONS: these types of investigations are typically related to automobile accidents, medical malpractice, product liability, falling objects, motorcycles, and slip and fall. All finding are documented in a court worthy report.

    LOCATES: Universal Insurance Services is often called upon to find missing persons and witnesses.

    Universal Insurance Services is headquartered in Mission Hills, California and has offices throughout California. Universal executives have been involved in the insurance claim industry since 1977. Our staff has a wide variety of backgrounds and experience in, law enforcement, fraud investigation and the general field of insurance investigations. Universal Insurance Services is on the panel of many premiere insurance carriers, and we are a vendor for third-party administrators, self-insured and administered employers, state and local municipalities, and many high-profile defense law firms.




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